Splashtop for CACHATTO tip: Labour management

Splashtop for CACHATTO is also enhanced with labour management feature. By enabling this feature, use of the remote desktop  can be restricted to a given set hours. This allows for administrators to control the usage of remote desktop, and  manage the hours that their employees can work. In addition, by setting the permitted working hours for CACHATTO, administrators do not need to use more settings for use of remote desktop.

In a given scenario, if the labour management settings is configured to allow work from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM, users would be unable to use CACHATTO and the remote desktop (Splashtop for CACHATTO).
Use outside of those hours would be counted as ’emergency use’, and records of the access would be sent to the access logs.*


Image 1.1: CACHATTO labour management feature


For more information on Splashtop for CACHATTO, please contact your CACHATTO sales representative.

*Emergency use can be disabled/enabled from the administrator page.


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