Splashtop for CACHATTO tips (3): Wake-on-Lan(WoL) feature

Splashtop for CACHATTO enables you to remotely operate your in-office PC via any smart device while maintaining CACHATTO’s strong security.

When accessing your computer desktop remotely, there may be difficulty if the PC has been shut down. However, Splashtop for CACHATTO offers the Wake-on-Lan (WoL) feature.

Even if your in-office PC is powered off, with Splashtop for CACHATTO’s Wake-on-Lan feature, you can start up your computer from the device you are accessing from. After starting up your in-office PC, you can use the remote desktop.



Diagram 1.1: Splashtop for CACHATTO Wake-on Lan (WoL) feature structure


Some companies may prohibit employees from leaving their PCs powered on while they are away from the office. With Splashtop for CACHATTO, work can be continued from the same PC environment as your office PC, while still complying with the security policy.


*Note: To use the WoL feature, a powered-on computer must be on the same subnet as the powered-down computer.

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