Learning from case studies: How large-scale Japanese companies are using and moving to the cloud

Nomura Research Institute, Pro-Ship Inc., and E-Jan International are hosting a seminar titled “2nd 2017 Cloud usage in China preliminary seminar” ~Learning from case studies: How large-scale Japanese companies are using and moving to the cloud~’.

Services such as Alibaba and Amazon, while used in daily life, can also be used in business. You too can take advantage of this same infrastructure that facilitates safe shopping. In this seminar, learn about setting up a system infrastructure that is a perfect fit for your company, has size elasticity, and can be established without a large upfront cost.

The seminar will have live demonstrations as well as usage case studies of cloud usage.

E-Jan International’s seminar is titled ‘CACHATTO: the VPN-free solution for an easy-to-implement system with high-level security’, and presented by Kenji Shibuya.

The seminar contents are as follows:

‘With the need for smart devices in the workplace rising every year, concerns of security when implementing BYOD have been also rising in Chinese and Japanese companies.

CACHATTO is a VPN-free, easy-to-implement system with a high-level of security. It enables workplace reform through smart device use in the workplace without compromising security. E-Jan International presents CACHATTO, a remote-access service for business, to fulfill your need to access corporate email servers/schedule management/file servers/portal sites from outside the company. ‘


Date: 19 July, 2017, Wednesday

Time: 2:00 pm~4:00 pm (Registration begins 1:30 pm)

Venue: Nomura Research Institute (Beijing), Ltd. Shanghai Branch seminar room

Address: 上海市陝西南路288号上海環貿広場2期 11楼10-16室

To register, contact: 野村総研(北京)単鵬 [nribj-sh-seminar@nri.co.jp]


To facilitate a more personalised environment, registration will be limited to roughly 10 people. Questions may be sent in beforehand to be answered in the seminar.

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