Splashtop for CACHATTO tips (7): Use 3G internet

Splashtop for CACHATTO can not only be used with a Wi-Fi connection, but also with 3G internet provided by your phone carrier.

While the connection speed can be slower, it is very useful when the need arises.

In order to handle the decreased speed, Splashtop for CACHATTO has a setting to be better utlised with 3G internet.

3G set up (smart devices)

  1.  Upon logging into Splashtop for CACHATTO, access options settings page by clicking settings button
  2. Enable ‘Optimize for 3G

* This setting can accessed using any smart devices being used.
** ‘Optimize for 3G’
settings is similar for PC usage

This feature allows you to use Splashtop for CACHATTO even in areas with unstable WiFi connections.

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