IT Innovation seminar 2017: Innovation in IT changes the status quo

E-Jan Networks will be joining as one of the presenters at a seminar event titled ‘IT Innovation seminar 2017‘, hosted by Nomura Research Institute Ltd.

As many Japanese companies consider entering the Chinese market, many are apprehensive about how to adjust to the region and how to best utilise their understanding IT advances and its usability. In this seminar event, many companies will discuss case studies of how new technologies like that of Alibaba Cloud, IoT, RPA, etc. are used to change the status quo.

E-Jan’s seminar is titled ‘Innovative thin client that supports both security and usability: CACHATTO Desktop’, which will be presented by Kenji Shibuya at from 12:10 – 12:45 pm.


Event Detail

Date:                Wednesday, 18 October, 2017
Time:               13:30 ~ 17:30 (Registration begins 13:00)
                                 * Dinner reception: 17:30 ~

Venue:             Shanghai International Trade Centre 35th floor
Registration:   Free, up to 100 people


To register, send an email to nribj-sh-seminar@nri.co.jp with your (1) company name, (2) name, (3) email address. Registration is until Monday, 16 October.


* To facilitate a more personalised environment, registration will be limited to roughly 10 people. Inquiries related to the seminar topic may be sent in beforehand, to be answered in the seminar.



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