FAQ: How to set notification folders in the new email UI on smartphone

With the 16 June release of CACHATTO V5.6 R1, the email user interface for smartphone was been given a major renovation.

To receive push notifications on CACHATTO, first you must set the Folder Notification Settings from the Mail Menu.

How to access Mail Menu:
1. From Email top page, tap right top hand ‘Menu Icon’
2. At Mail Menu, tap ‘Folder Notification Settings


Image 1.1: Mail Menu

From here, select which of your folders for which you would like to receive notifications.

If the desired folder is not displayed, check your Autosynced folder.

How to select receive notification folder:
1. From Mail Menu, tap Select Autosynced Folders
2. Select your desired folder(s).
3. Once saved, selected folder(s) should now be shown when you return to the Folder Notification Settings

Push notifications are a handy way to keep track of emails through CACHATTO.

Feel free to try them out with this method!

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