CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Windows, CACHATTO version releases

There were two (2) recent CACHATTO-related releases in late December:

  • CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Windows V2.5.2 was released 20 December 2017
  • CACHATTO V5.6 R3 was released 25 December 2017


What’s new on CACHATTO SecureBrowser for Windows V2.5.2?

Detailed information regarding this release can be found on the release notes. *
*Release notes are only available in Japanese.

Note: For devices with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update installed, CACHATTO Desktop has been rendered unusable. We appreciate your patience while we resolve this issue. Updated information will be provided on this blog when it is available.


What’s new on CACHATTO V5.6 R3?

  • Added function for pre-registration of devices
    – Allows device pre-registration with a device code generated by CACHATTO SecureBrowser
  • Dashboard feature added
    – Allows administrators to see CACHATTO server usage rates, CACHATTO login rates, and others

* This version is a pre-release; the full feature will be included in the V5.6 R4 release.

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