FAQ: Accessing the ‘zoom’ feature on iOS devices

While iPhone screen sizes continue to get larger with every new release, the font size does not change substantially. This becomes relevant when viewing emails or PDF files on CACHATTO.

While CACHATTO does not offer a built-in zoom function or font-enlargement function, iOS devices have an easily accessible zoom function to better read text or see detail.


How to enable the iOS zoom function

  1. Open ‘Settings’, and tap ‘General’


    Figure 1.1: iOS Settings

  2. Tap ‘Accessibility’


    Figure 1.2: iOS “General” menu

  3. Tap ‘Zoom’ function


    Figure 1.3: iOS “Accesibility” menu

  4. Tap the toggle on the right of the zoom function to enable


    Figure 1.4: iOS “Zoom” menu


By enabling the zoom function, a zoomed-in view-window appears on the top right of the screen.


The zoom window can be used in the following ways:

  • Turning the zoom window on/off: double-tap the screen with three fingers
  • Scroll down/up the page: drag with three fingers
  • Change zoom levels: Double-tap with three fingers, then proceed to drag without removing your fingers on the second tap
  • Moving the zoom window: drag the window’s bottom tab
  • Show zoom window menu: Tap the window’s bottom tab

With no more squinting at the screen to read documents, using CACHATTO can become even easier with the zoom function.

Try the zoom function with CACHATTO today!

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