Admin FAQ: How can my users use cloud solutions without giving them passwords?

Cloud services such as G Suite, or storage services such as box are convenient. Many people are familiar with the user interfaces and prefer to use them at work.

However, that same convenience of accessing data from anywhere is a double-edged sword: if users have their login information, they can access company files and information stored on cloud services. Naturally, many companies’ prohibit the use of cloud services for work.

With CACHATTO, however, users can use cloud services without needing to know the passwords themselves. With CACHATTO’s Single-sign On (SSO) function, the auto-login and ID/password auto-entry features do not require the user to input their credentials. Instead, the administrator stores the user credentials to enable a smooth, one-step authentication.

In this way, administrators can allow users to use cloud services, but only through CACHATTO, ensuring a secure means of access to corporate resources.

To see CACHATTO’s Single-sign On (SSO) function in action, check out the Multi-Cloud Gateway video below:

Ensure a high level of security with CACHATTO even when using public cloud services.


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