Considering BYOD for your workstyle

We live in an era where workstyles are changing faster than ever. While telecommuting has been adopted by many companies for many years often the option to work outside of the office was relegated to specific jobs. However, now there is an increased demand to work remotely, no matter the content and type of job, and with it comes the demand to do the same work inside and outside the office.

Of course, there are numerous obstacle to achieving this flexible workstyle. Providing company devices to allow employees to work outside the office can be costly, and when multiple devices are needed, the expenses can be astronomical. In addition, determining which employee needs what device is also difficult. Between the variety of smart devices on the market,  and the personal preferences of the employees  themselves, many companies may consider this kind of remote-work workstyle a pipe dream.

however, adopting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) can solve all the problems above. BYOD drastically cuts down on cost because there is no need for the company to provide devices for all; employees can use whatever devices they currently own to do their work. Furthermore, employees have the freedom to use devices that they’re comfortable with, increasing work efficiency.

While security may then be an issue; CACHATTO provides the solution, With CACHATTO, access to company data is secure, and no data is stored on the device; this means that there are no security risks if the device is stolen or lost. CACHATTO also has specific user interfaces for a number of operating systems, so employees can use CACHATTO easily on any devices. For users that prefer the familiarity of cloud services, such as GSuite or Office 365, CACHATTO’s Multi-Cloud Gateway allows for these interfaces to be used intact.

There are plenty of convenient merits to adopting BYOD; CACHATTO can provide the airtight security needed to marry that convenience with security.

For examples of how companies have adopted CACHATTO and BYOD to change their workstyle, check out CACHATTO’s case studies.

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