Q: How is CACHATTO different from Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

A: MDM manages the device itself through a number of methods:(1)remote-wipe, in which a remote command from an administrator deletes device data; (2)local wipe, in which device data is deleted by the user; (3)monitoring app installation, etc.

MDM often involves restricting the users’ device freedom when BYOD is in place, and requires maintenance and monitoring by system administrators.

However, CACHATTO SecureBrowser/ CACHATTO Desktop makes MDM unnecessary. With CACHATTO, no data is left on the device, there is no need for remote/local wipe software. Furthermore, there is very little need for system administrators to monitor the users’ device, and the users do not need to worry about the data on their device.

This makes it very easy to implement Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), in which users can use their personal devices without risk of carrying out or losing company data.

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