CACHATTO, CACHATTO Desktop for Windows version releases

CACHATTO V5.6 R4 was released 16 March 2018.

CACHATTO Desktop for Windows V2.5.3 was released 22 March 2018.


What’s new on CACHATTO V5.6 R4?

  • This release included two specification changes, eleven function improvements, and thirteen bug fixes.

Major additions are below:

  • OAuth 2.0 authentication available for Office 365(Exchange Online) EWS
    OAuth 2.0 authentication is now available for Office 365 EWS. This removes the need for ADFS Proxy when using Office 365 EWS.
  • Added AD server redundancy function
    A redundancy function was added for the AD server. With this, even if the AD server in use fails, it will automatically switch over to the specified backup AD server.
  • Added AD/LDAP password change function
    A AD/LDAP password change function was added, allowing for an expired AD/LDAP password to be changed from CACHATTO. Furthermore, the AD/LDAP password can be changed from CACHATTO at any time.

More detailed information regarding this release can be found on the release notes.


What’s new on CACHATTO Desktop for Windows V2.5.3?

  • This release included one function improvement and one bug fix.

Detailed information regarding this release can be found on the release notes.*

*Release notes are only available in Japanese.

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