Function Introduction: OAuth 2.0 authentication for Office 365

The 16 March release of CACHATTO V5.6 R4 added OAuth 2.0 authentication for Office 365.

Previously, if an Office 365 user was also using their company’s AD server, they would need an ‘AD FS Proxy’ in addition to an AD FS.


Diagram 1.1: Office 365 before OAth 2.0 authentication on CACHATTO (old)


With CACHATTO V5.6 R4, OAuth 2.0 can now be used with Office 365, and an AD FS Proxy is no longer needed for CACHATTO to access email and schedules on Office 365.


Diagram 1.2: OAth 2.0 authentication for Office 365 on CACHATTO (new)


Access Office 365 securely with CACHATTO has gotten even easier. Try out this new feature by downloading the latest CACHATTO update!


*To use this feature, settings must be adjusted on the CACHATTO Admin page and Microsoft Azure Portal. Please refer to the settings manual for details.

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