Function Introduction: Change AD/LDAP password

The 16 March release of CACHATTO V5.6 R4 added the AD/LDAP password change function.


Previously, if someone’s AD/LDAP password expired while they were on an extended business trip, they could not update or change their AD/LDAP password from SecureBrowser.

With the release of this feature, users can now change their AD/LDAP password from within SecureBrowser with the steps below:



Image 1.1: AD/LDAP password chage/update screen

This screen appears when CACHATTO login in attempted with an expired password. The new password is set from this screen before logging in.


Image 1.2: Change password and login




Upon login the TOP menu will be displayed normally.

The AD/LDAP password can also be changed at any time from the settings menu.


Try out this feature today!


Note: To enable this feature, an additional CACHATTO server package must be installed. Check the admin manual for details.

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