Using CACHATTO (1): On-the-go employees

This entry is the first in a new series ‘Using CACHATTO’. In this series, we will introduce the variety of ways that CACHATTO and CACHATTO Desktop can be used by different employees with differing needs.

CACHATTO greatly benefits on-the-go employees, such as salespeople who often are out of the office or on business trips. CACHATTO can be used in short periods on smart devices to check email/schedule and view files on the file server. With an internet connection, salespeople can confirm appointments, or review sales documents during transit to prepare for an impending appointment.

However, especially for employees during travel, a stable internet connection is difficult to maintain. For example, on trains and airplanes, even if an internet connection is available, it is not stable or fast enough to effectively do work. Here, CACHATTO Desktop, CACHATTO’s PC solution, can alleviate that struggle. CACHATTO Desktop does not require a stable internet connection to use. There is no need for a VDI, and also no need to be continually connected to a network. All data accessed is cached in a virtual disk space within the CACHATTO Desktop application, and upon exiting CACHATTO Desktop all data is deleted. This ensures an airtight Data Leak Prevention (DLP), because no data is stored on the device.

With CACHATTO Desktop, employees can use local Office applications to begin or continue work without an internet connection. This allows for efficient time usage even on-the-go.


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