CACHATTO: New IT solution for India

About a month ago, Mr. J was invited to visit Chennai, India and go on numerous client visits together with his colleagues in India. This gave him an opportunity to see, firsthand, how the Indian market runs.

In his report, he stated that the current IT related issues in India are:

  • Corporate data leakages, especially client-related information
  • Unauthorized copying of files
  • Mobility, while keeping with the current IT compliance and regulations
  • Management in IT while expanding their business
  • And, budget

With these current challenges in business collaboration, IT mobility, and the rapid shift of technology not just in the Chennai market, but also globally, it is apparent that enterprises are becoming more dynamic and ‘perimeter-less’. IT managers are now trying to balance having an efficient IT infrastructure for the personnel, while keeping all data air-tight and secure.

While having various solutions in place, such as VDI, MDM, and VPN solutions, companies are able to equip themselves with the necessary resources. However, deployment and management can be quite overwhelming, and a complex system may be more of a risk than a solution. CACHATTO provides a secure unified digital workspace platform for enterprise, which is easily deployable in any system infrastructure.

Based on Software Defined Perimeter at its core, CACHATTO provides an individualized perimeter for authorized users making sure they have access to the right resources any time, anywhere from any device. Users can move from a PC to a mobile device, or go from the office network to another location, and still be able to access authorized corporate resources in a safe and secure manner enabling a flexible and productive working environment.

Having heard of CACHATTO’s capabilities and its potential in enhancing their IT environment, most clients, which Mr. J and his colleagues have visited in Chennai, immediately requested for POCs (Proof of Concept). Moreover, many IT supervisors have even mentioned CACHATTO within their IT network partners.

Find out more about CACHATTO by visiting our website, or contact our representatives to get a free trial.


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