CACHATTO – Software Defined Perimeter

Businesses today demand agility to stay competitive and expand business throughout. With the adoption of cloud services, employee mobility and increased inter-organization collaboration, businesses are able to cope with the considerable momentum of the digital business. But the threat of network attacks against system infrastructure increases. This puts tremendous stress on IT infrastructure, networking, and IT security. As a result, IT team meticulously tries to balance their load; providing an increased speed of data flow, while having to protect their networks against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

Featuring CACHATTO, a secure and robust digital workspace solution for enterprise that is easy to implement and manage. CACHATTOs underlying architecture is proven to be efficient, scalable and highly secure, built on Software Defined Perimeter principles providing access to the right resources, whether they are on-premise or on the cloud, to the right authorized user anytime, anywhere from any device.


Image 1.1: Individualised perimeter for each user

Each authorized user gets an individualised perimeter, created just for them, giving access to appropriate resources based on their authorization.  User can move Perimeterfrom a PC to a mobile device, or go from the office network to another location, and still be able to access authorized corporate resources in a safe and secure manner enabling a flexible and productive working environment. All unauthorized network resources are made invisible and therefore inaccessible. This reduces the risk of attack by completely isolating network resources from unauthorized or unauthenticated users.

Best of all, CACHATTO is versatile and easy to implement. Whichever IT architecture you may have, you can quickly and effortlessly set it up to your corporate system, without any major changes to your system.

Keep your organisation resources secure, while enable your organisation to stay productive by providing feasible and fast access to needed resources, services and applications.

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